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Our company, which was established in 2023 and headquartered in Tunisia, has taken itself one step further in the maritime sector over the years. It has acted with the aim of being a leading organization in Tunisia, which always follows the developments in the world. We can clearly say that we are the only company in Tunisia that is professional and expert in the Ship Chandler business. Our company, which acts with our goal of providing you with the best service with the best prices, offers you a first-class service.

So why should you choose Ship Chandler Tunisia?

  • Ship Chandler Tunisia delivers you the best quality products!
  • Ship Chandler Tunisia offers you the best prices!
  • Ship Chandler Tunisia makes its sales with the most convenient payment terms!
  • Ship Chandler Tunisia has the highest level of service quality!
  • Ship Chandler Tunisia meets all your needs!

Ship Chandler Tunisia provides uninterrupted service in all Tunisian ports today. It offers you all kinds of products that ships need. If you contact us, you will be given all the materials and provisions you need as soon as possible at the best prices. More than 200 shipping companies and many ship captains come to the port of Tunisia and contact us directly and meet all their needs easily. You can contact us to join these valuable customers.

What are the Targets for Ship Chandler Tunisia?

  • Our top priority is to become the best company known by everyone in Tunisian ports.
  • Our second goal can be to provide the best service quality while giving the most affordable prices compared to all other companies.
  • To provide a regular customer portfolio by providing the best possible prices to all our customers and ship captains on payments
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our friendly staff.

Today, many ship chandler companies; It tries to reach you, valuable customers, either by advertising or by being a member of many platforms. However, in this way, they pay thousands of dollars monthly to these platforms and organizations. This is one reason why our prices are more affordable.

In addition, some agency companies act as brokers in this sector, and with this method, the cost of delivering the same product to the ship is at least 20%. For this reason, you can make a profit of at least 20% for the supplies you will make by contacting us. [email protected]

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