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Provisions replenishment in Tunisian ports!

The port of Tunisia is almost at the same price level as the country of Egypt for supplying Provisions within the Mediterranean. Tunisia is not a desert as many people think, even it has very fertile soils and millions of hectares of arable land in its interior. Due to the low labor and production costs, the prices of the products are generally much lower than the world Provisions prices. In addition, many agricultural products can be produced in Tunisia due to favorable weather conditions.

In terms of dry food supply, many products of local and international production are regularly in our stocks.

As we mentioned above, we can easily access many products in terms of vegetable and fruit supplies, and since the production is made in our own country, we can give sales figures at very reasonable prices compared to the world market in terms of price.

In terms of meat and chicken products, we deliver both local fresh and frozen products to your ships without any problems, in line with your needs.

We would like to inform you that we offer you the best service in frozen food. Our products, which have a long usage period, are delivered to your ships with a usage period of at least 2 or 3 months after they are delivered to the ship. Of course, we offer you the best quality products with our colleagues who know the needs of the maritime industry very well.

As we mentioned before, many brokers have emerged in relation to this business and these brokers demand high commissions for the work they share. For this reason, it will be sufficient to contact us to find a ship chandler that does the same job with the developing technology. If this path is followed, your company's costs will decrease by at least 15%. We are aware of the fact that the costs have increased a lot today, so it will be in your company's interests to find your ship chands directly, like many businesses that work properly.

You can get rid of all such problems by contacting us directly. Contact us today [email protected]

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